A 300,000m² land secured in Paraguay
for the temporary mining center, substation
and Golden Goose mining center
A site confirmed for the Golden Goose mining center in Paraguay (total 300,000 m²)
The site for the Golden Goose team's establishment of the world's largest cryptocurrency mining center in Paraguay has been confirmed. It is the largest in the world with an area of 300,000m², which is 150% increased from the original contract.
The site in Paraguay is near the Itaipu Hydro Power Plant, which boasts the world's largest energy generation capacity, and exports more than 80% of the generated electricity, meaning that it can provide stable electricity.
The Golden Goose Mining Center uses some of the surplus electricity, which is the cheapest and most reliable source of electricity ($ 0.025 per kWh) as the most important factor for the mining center.

* The Golden Goose team confirmed the site for the construction of the cryptocurrency mining center.
* An area of 300,000m² near Itaipu Hydro Power Plant in Paraguay - it is expected to be the world's largest mining center.
* Possible to supply electricity stably as it is located near Itaipu Hydro Power Plant which boasts the world's largest hydroelectric power generation capacity.
* Competitiveness as a mining center is ensured by securing cheap electricity cost ($ 0.025 or less per kw/h).
* 30 MW power secured for the temporary mining center from the substation already in operation on the site
* Golden Goose Project stakeholders in Paraguay expect that the Golden Goose Mining Center in Paraguay will become a global hub in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency.