Platform Features

Tokens in which
GOLD holders are paid as
'Contribution Rewards'
The GOLD Token is a cryptocurrency which is a digital asset. A GOLD Token holder who has staked Tokens is paid daily as ‘Contribution Reward’ in proportion to the daily holdings.

Thirty percent (30%) of the revenue earned in the publicly operated cryptocurrency mining center in Paraguay and 70% of the revenue of commissions generated in the global exchange will be paid in MicroBitcoins (MBC) at the daily holding rate determined by Gold Token staking.

The Contribution Reward is paid to depositors on a daily basis to minimize volatility, taking into account the nature of the cryptocurrency.

Platform Organization

토큰수익 지급구조

Platform participants

  • You will participate in the Golden Goose platform presented by the Foundation and receive the relevant GOLD Tokens.
  • Platform participants include all individuals, organizations, corporations, institutions, and others who participate in the Golden Goose platform.
  • A participant who has staked GOLD Tokens can receive 30% of the revenue of the gold mining center and 70% of the revenue of the global exchange in MicroBitcoins (MBC) at the daily holding rate.

Commons Foundation

  • The Commons Foundation is a non-profit foundation located in Singapore and is carrying out various projects and the Golden Goose platform while contributing to the MicroBitcoin open source project.
  • In Paraguay, the Commons Foundation works closely to establish the world's largest cryptocurrency mining center and open a global cryptocurrency exchange in cooperation with Paraguayan stakeholders based on its vast experience and expertise of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • The Commons Foundation works together with influential and prestigious advisors and experienced partners.
    (Refer to the Foundation's website