How to Participate
in the Platform

You can check the Golden Goose
Token distribution details and schedule, and participate in the Token sale at the official website.
You must not respond to PR, recommendations, or proposals for investments, participation, and sales from any other locations except this official website. If you are participating at other places than the official website operated by the Commons Foundation, the Foundation undertakes no responsibility for such participation.
Signing up for
the official website
Go to the Golden Goose website and proceed with sign-up.
Conducting KYC
authentication process
In order to participate in the Golden Goose platform, you must go through the KYC authentication on My Page.
Inputting a cryptocurrency wallet address and contributing
On My page, input the wallet address for the coins (Bitcoin, MicroBitcoin, or Ethereum) which you want to transmit and then remit the coins to the Golden Goose wallet.
Inputting hash
Enter the TxHash value created after the coin transmission on My Page at the Golden Goose website.
Receiving GOLD
and contribution rewards
Receive GOLD Tokens based on the transmitted coins in proportion and receive contribution rewards at the daily holding rate.